Tuesday, 30 December 2014


On 26th of December, after past the christmas day with the family, we had dinner another time with the family. In my family we had dinner in my grandparent's house and after we go to the bingo in Llers. But this year we did it different, firstlly we went to had dinner in my grandparents house, and after I participated to do the bingo of Sant Pere Pecadors, because organized the volleyball club to fundraising. 
It was a different and especial day, in the bingo I was the waiter like my other teammate. After that we went all together to had dinner in a bar from Sant Pere. 

Monday, 29 December 2014


In Catalonia, we have a tradition that we break the "tió" at night on 24th of December. In a lot of Coutries, the Christmas day there is Santa Claus, but  here in Catalonia we have a tradition that we breack the "tió. When we do it, we sing a song hitting a trunk with a stick. After that, we went to the kitchen to sing a song or to pray.  And finally, we go to see if the "tió" shit the presents and we did it many times and when the "tió" don't shit more, it's the finally. This night is very beatiful to past with the family and the people that we love. So, my family and I we did it in my uncle's house. 

Saturday, 27 December 2014


Scenario: Two women, a mum and a daughter in their house.
The mum's name is Kate.
The daughter's name is Charlotte.

Charlotte: Hey mum, I have to tell you something important for me.
Kate: What? Are you pregnant?
Charlotte: Oh, no! Are you kidding me?
Kate: Am I?
Charlotte: Okey mum stop, listen, I am not pregnant, but I want to do a stomach reduction.
Kate: Why? You are perfect, and your body, too. Don't give much importance to your belly.
Charlotte: Mum, you are always saying the same, and it'snot true.
Kate: Yes, it's true because I mean it.
Charlotte: This is your opinion, but young boys don't think the same. They never look at me, they prefer the other girls, like the cover girls
Kate: Tomorrow, we are going to the phsychologist.
Charlotte: Mum please, I don't have a complex. It's a simple operation.
Kate: Shut up! you are perfect and you aren't going through the operation room. Darling your beauty inside is the most important thing, you have to be who you are and you don't have to listen to the boys opinion.
Charlotte: Well, yes mum I guess, you are right. The boys are idiot. Sorry, forget about it.


Tuesday, 23 December 2014


The hard selling: is an aggressive techniques of selling products using advertising. 

The soft sell: is an advertisement or campaign that uses a more casual, or friendly sales message.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014


I choose"You and I" from One Direction, becasue I like this group. Also, I tried this song because I love it, for the reason that they talk about a relationship to fight for it , and to survive this relationship togheter to the end. 

you and i / tu i jo
we don't wanna be like them /no volem ser com ells
we can make it til the end / ho podem fer fins el final
nothing can come between / res es pot posar entre
you and i / tu i jo
not even the gods above / ni tan sols els Déus que estan a dalt
can separate the two of us / ens poden separar 
no, nothing can come between / no, res no es pot posar entre
you and i / tu i jo 
oh, you and i / oh, tu i jo

  • figured it out: donar-se conta 
  • hide: ocultar
  • hold: apretats
  • tight: ajustat
  • sudden: ràpid

Sunday, 30 November 2014


Carla and I did a oral prsesntation about the anorexia because we thing that it is a current topic in the sociatey, especially in young girls. 
Presentation: We use a prezi to have a support in our presentation and for be more interesting. Mark: 9 
Body lenguage and eye contacte: sometimes, I looked in a paper because I was a nerveous, but also I saw to my classmates. Mark: 8
Structure: I think that we organizated well our information and I think that we explained well all the section. Mark: 9,5
Content: I think that we explained all well, as I said before, and we learned a lot about this illness and words. Mark: 9
Language: this is a topic with a lot of technique words and it was difficult to pronouced. Mark: 8,5
Presentation & intonation: For the reason that I say before, I have some problems to pronouced the specific words. Mark: 8,5

Saturday, 29 November 2014


23900DDF00000578-2853540-image-52_1417209329287.jpgLast Friday was the Black Friday, and it was a disorder in all the shops from US. The bargain hunters were accused to be like animals, because they fight to buy the products. The police was called  in to deal with mayhem and injuries in the shops. Also, there were three arrests. 
Sir Peter Fahy, from de police said that they were very dissappointed because the stores did not have sufficient security stuff in the shops.
There were a record number of hoppers  this days and they estimation there are going to be 518milion of euros.
The angry scense were in all the country and they cause to closed a lot of stores.

In my point of view, this have to be a big experience to live in London, but there were a lot of accident and it can be a bit dangerous. All the people very agressive because they want to buy a lot of things because there are a lot of sales. 


Last Friday was the premier of mockingjay, the third part of the hunger's game. I went to the cinema with my friends. First, we went to had dinner in a restaurant and then we went to saw the big film. 

The film elapse after the hunger's games were Katniss is in the district 13, where they live in the subsoil because the capitol extinction their district. In the place that they are, they are preparating to fight against to the Capitol. They need a person who have to encourage the others districts to fight and this symbol is Katniss. She accept but with a condicions, that they, first of all, have to rescue Peeta and the others guys that they were in the games. The problem is that Peeta was kidnap with the objective to kill Katniss. An other condicion is that she want to kill the president Snow.


The social media have changed our life for good and for bad. The social media brings the people together and facilates the social and busniess relationships. For use the socials media we have to have common sense and good judgment, without it, you can inadvertently  harm yourself and you could have social, financial and legal problems. The following is a list of 10 things that you have to take care before you post a video: 

  1. The things you say may have legal consequences: if you utter demaging untruths about a person, in Facebook or other social media, you may be liable for defamation.
  2. Get permission before using picture, articles, videos or content someone else produced: if you don't have permission you could may have copyright infringement. 
  3. Do not say or write anything on a social media site you do not want reoeated: be careful about what you say, because it can produce bad consequences. 
  4. Be careful about the pictures you post: because it can destroy your life.
  5. Don not use trademarks or copyrighted material without permission. 
  6. Watch out for spammers: because they could steal your identity. 
  7. Refrain from giving TMI: you can not say all that you do because they could steal in you house when you are in holidays, if you put it in the social media. 
  8. Assume what you say never goes away: you have to remember that what you say in this medias is going to be forever there.
  9.  Police constantly catch criminals by reading their Facebook pages.
  10. Assume people Google you and look at social media posts about you.
I think that the social media have very importance in our life because we are connected all day. But we have to take care about what we publish in it, in consequence of that it can produce bad things in the future. 

Wednesday, 26 November 2014


The family of Julia and Jason Heckathron have an unique domestic animal a sloth. Their daughter have live with this special animal since she was born. Also the family have a kangaroo, an anteater, a cat and serval sugar gliders that they adopted when the parents know that they were expectingthe baby. 
Julia thanks that it would be grate for them to grow up with the sloth. 

I think that it's a crazy thing to have these animals in their house with a baby, because they have to take care to their daughter and the animals and they have to spend a lot of time of it. 

Saturday, 22 November 2014


Last night, in London were an explosion in an important hotel. 
About 500 guests were evacuated from the Churchill Hyatt Regency hotel in Marylebon. Fourteen of those including tweleve workers were injured.The explosion in the basement causing part of the bulding to collapse

Investigations are now under way into what the explosion at the nine.storey building. 

London fire brigade belives that the blast could have benn caused by a gas leak

All the guests were evacuated to nearby hotels. 

In my point of view, I think that the fire mans they did a good job, because fortunately there were only 14 wounded of 500 guests. 

Wednesday, 12 November 2014


Do you laught a lot? With who do you laugh? How often do you laugh? Humor is an important way to be happier in our life.

Nowadays, we are a society where we have a lot of stress and we are very strict in the jobs, so we have very strict orders from our boss. We need humor to distract us and for beeing more grateful and friendly with the people around us.
Also, humor can be a way to do the things better than when you are without humor. If you are happier you can better enjoy life and you can be good with yourself.

In conclusion, humor is essential in our life because it can help us o survive better and to be more grateful. 

Thursday, 6 November 2014


Thursday, 16 October 2014


Last Saturaday, was my 17 birthday. All started on Friday night, when my friends and I went to ate a kebbab in Sant Pere. When it was midnight, my friends says to me "happy birthday" and then we went to sleep. I was thinking, all the night,  that my friends didn't do nothing to my birthday, so I was very angry and I was crying all night. 
I woke up at 10 o'clock and it was the big day, the day when I did 17 years old. But the day was very sad, because the only thing that I did was going to the supermarket to bought the things to celebrate my birthday on Sunday. When I arrived home, my sister had preapred clues arround the house and in the last clue there was a present. 
At night, my parents, my sister and I we had to go to had dinner in a restaurant, but first we had to pass to leave a jacket in a bar for my sister's friend. So, we went there and my mum forced me to set off the car. I was so angry, because I didn't want to go there. When we where inside the bar, my mum and I, we went to a separate room and it was there, where I saw one of my friends from Barcelona. So, I went into the room and I saw all my friends and it was a great surprise for me. 
The next day, on Sunday, I played the first match from the season and we won, so I was very happy. In the afternoon, my family and I celebrated my birthday all together. 
That was my special weekend. 

Wednesday, 8 October 2014


Nowadays, the best camera in the market is the Gopro, a small camera that it can goes in the water and it's eassy to take away. But, Polaroid and HTC, they could make a camera that it could take the throne in this market. 

The Polaroin Cube, will be able for £89(114,41€) in October.  
It measures 3,8cm on all it's sides, can capture high definition video and can make images in a resolution of six megapixels. 

The device is splash proof, but if you want to submerge the camera, you have to put the waterproof casing
Also, it's magnetic, and it can attach in surfaces using an included clip.
In addition, it have  ntegrated a microphone and  LED light for the night. 

I think that it's going to be a big competence for de Gopro and this cameras can be more eassy to use. But, it can be more eassy to lose, because they are very small. 


Friday, 3 October 2014


Last summer I did a lot of interesting things with my friends and my family.

When te classes finished, I started to do the reserch project and I did particular lesons for prepared the second of baxillerat. That was the part that I didn't like a lot, but I had to do it.

The best part was after, in the afternoons I went to the beach, the river and the swimming pool with my friends. Also, we had fun togheter playing sports.
One of the days that I liked a lot was a day were ,my friends and I, went to fishing in the river. There we went to the river in the morning, we had lunch there and we finished in the afternoon. 
An other specila day was on September. Some of my friends and I went to did paddle surf. That was the best thing that I did in the summer. We went in the Club Nautic of Sant Pere Pescador and there we went to the river to started to did it. With the paddle we arrived in the end of the river and then we came back to the club. In the lunchtime we did a lunch in the river of the park. 

And that was my summer, I think that it was one of the best summer ever, because I did a lot of amazing things.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014


Apple said that they sold more than 10 milion in the models of Iphone 6 and Iphone 6 plus in the first weekend that they were avaiable in the stores. That event created the best launch for the company ever.
According to Apple CEO Time Cook, sales of Iphone 6 and Iphone 6 plus exceeded their expectation for the weekend. Also, he said that his team was working hard to manufacture more Iphones to meet the demand. 
Iphone 6 starts to 699 euros for a 16GB, 799E for 64GB and 899E for 128GB.
The Iphone 6 plus starts to 799euros for 16 GB, 899E for 64GB and 99E for 128GB.

I think that this is a very good thing to Apple. Because, they have a lot of sales. But I think that is amazing that there were a lot of people that had bought the Iphone in only a weekend. 


Tuesday, 30 September 2014


I’m Sílvia Costa and I’m 16 years old, but in October I’m goning to be 17. I’m studying second of economic baxillerat at Castelló d’Empúries. I love playing volellyball, because I am in a team in Sant Pere Pecador. I like to see films and series,too.
Now, I have to think about my short-term goals, like the reserch project that I have to hand  it in in December. Also, passing  second batxillerat and the selectivitat is one of the most important short-term goalS right now for me because I want to do a degree so, I need to finish my secondary studies first.
One of my long-term goals is going to study business in Barcelona. I would like to live there in a flat with my friends. In the future, also,I want to be married and have children, like a family and the last but not the least  I would like to work in a big company. My big dream is traveling to USA.

About the speech of Obama, I would like to underline the importance that he say about what you want, you can get it with effort and work.

Monday, 9 June 2014


1. Can you see an improvement on your level of English in these last two years? 
Where, for example?
Yes, because when I started my were very shorts and simple vocabulary. For example, in my first post in the blog that it was in October on 2012.

2. Which activity best shows your level of English? 
I think that the post that I show my best level of English is this, because I show all, like my pronunciation, my languaje and more things. 

3. Which activities were really USEFUL for you to improve your English? Why? 
I think that the usful to improve your English are the news, because you learn a lot summarize the newas and doing your opinion. I say that because is the part of my blog that is more difficul for me. 

4. Which activities did you not find useful to learn English? Why not? 
In my point of view, all what we do in class is useful but I think that the traduction of the songs is less useful, because is very tiresome, but yo can know what the song say. 

5. Which activities would like to do again next year to keep on improving your English? 
I think the your-says because you explain what you like and you have more inspiration, because you like the topic. 

6. Open Comments (...More ideas, suggestions for activities, suggestion for new topics...)
I think that we have to talk more in class for improve our pronunciation.

Sunday, 8 June 2014


Last two weeks, Mireia, Carla and me, we did a presentation about a Global issue, so we decided to did a the Family.


PRESENTATION(10%): We use a prezi where we put the general information and some photos that it can help us. The resources were a big support for us. Our presentation, lasted more or less 15 minutes talking all of us 5 minutes. MARK: 7%

BODY LANGUAGE & EYE CONTACT(10%): I think that I looked to the audience, but I saw a lot the prezi and also Mireia and Carla. I read some things that I didn't remember. MARK: 8%

STRUCTURE(10%): I think that we organize our presentation well, we started with our self-presebrarion, and then we started explaining our topic. MARK: 10%

CONTENT (40%): We introduce news ideas and news to audience. MARK: 30%

LANGUAGE (20%): There was rich vocabulary, sentence linkers and fillers. MARK: 15%

PEONUNCIATION (10%): I knew how to pronounce all the words, but in front of the class I was very nervous so some words I pronounce awful. MARK: 6%

I think that we did well, but with some things to correct. 
I think that my mark is: 7'6


Apple desing a new model of Iphone, that could finally Apple's battery woes
The news informations of the Iphone 6 will have arounded, thinner design and a larger screen. It could also feature a protruding camera, and boast new filters. 
The application makes the  power-saving changes, because now the battery of the Iphone is very bad. It also decrease the amount of power for use the phone more time.  

I think that it's going to be a big change of the tecnology, because we can use the phone all the day. But it can perjudice in the others phone companyes because all the people want to have the best phone if they can have. 

Friday, 6 June 2014


Why Angelina Jolie seems that doesn't  have aged in years?
The Us Weekly (a magazine) says that she do an $800 treatment called the Triad facial,  which combines microdermabrasion, laser and a glycoloic peel. 
Angelina no is the only celebrity which use this treatment, also Naomi Watts, Michelle Williams and Rachel Weisz. Jolie stared doing the Triad facial in 2010. Also she use other products for the skincare, which range in price from $52 to $165. 
The treatment can cost between $800 and $1200 depending on the type

In my point of view, it's normal that all the celebrities deal her skin, because they have to be on TV every day, so they have to be beautiful with themselves. 


Last week, my friends and I went to the cinema to saw the premier of the new film of Zac Efron.

The film is about a happy family which they have a baby and they live in a good neighborhood, but one day appear a brotherhood and all the problems appear. The new guests do all the nights parties and what they want. So the family have to survive with this problems and they survive. 

I like this film but I thought it would be better. Also, I really like the character Zac Efron, that he appears in High School Musical (as a Troy Boltton).


Nowadays, a lot of people are saying that we are going to be happier if we do not go shopping. But, it is true? In my opinion it is true. 

Firstly, I feel that working less hours can be a big change, for all of us, because we can spend more time with our family or socialize withe other people. 
Secondly, the society is focus only to producemore and more to earn more money to consume and they think that are going to be happier, but in my point of view, it is a wrong mentality. We can be happier without all the goods, because we have things that we do not use. 

In conclusion, society is buying more stuff that they do not need and they are working a lot without free time to have fun. 


20, Empori 
Sant Pere Pescador
27TH March 2014

Can Pipa, S.L
Crt. de Castelló, s/n
Sant Pere Pescador 

Dear Mrs. Costa, 

I am writing to you bacause I would like to apply for this job that I saw on your webside last week. You are looking for a person for this summer. 

First of all, I am very interested to word in your company as an assistant, because in the winter I am studing to be secretary. I think that first, I have to work as an assistant, and when I will have the degree I would work as a secretary. 
I like the job a lot, because in the last summer I worked in the other company like this job. 

I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours suncerely. 

Sílvia Costa

Tuesday, 3 June 2014


All the girls like  to put fragrance in the morning, but in the lunchtime we don't have the fragrance. So, a jewellery invent a news jewels, a set of pendants and  bracelets that emit fragrance. This moderns jewels have a mini perfume bottle  that can be detached from the chain and used in the same way as a roll-on scent.
OBO, the new jewels, are a foolproof, it has been a series of tests to rule out embarrassing spillages.

Also, it has been a tests for make sure that it has the same results  as a classic pump dispenser. 
The Obo will costs between £49 and £57.

I think that is a big idea, because it's going to be very useful for all the girls because anyone like to take away her bottle of fragrance. 

In this photo you can see the pendant Obo. 

Thursday, 22 May 2014


In easter, my parents, my sister and I traveled to Wien. The first day, we arrived in the big city and we went immediately at the hotel. When we were installed, we went to had lunch and we started to visited the capital of Austria.  Aproximatly at seven o'clock we decided to had a typical breakfast, a sacher in the original place where it was invented. At night, we were tired so, we went to had dinner and we went to sleep.
The second day, we woke up at nine o'clock and we went to saw Schönbrunn were the princess Sissi lives during her stages in Wien. We visited the palace and the big gardens with a maze, a zoo, etc. For lunch we ate there, where they did a typical market of food. In the afternoon, we went to saw the national library, the big museums, and the big city hall. We had dinner in a typical restaurant where we ate the typical food.
The next day, we went to had breakfast at the Donauzentrum which is a big mall and we enjoyed doing some shopping. After that, we went to the city center to took the buses of tours where we did a big city tour of all the city. When we get off the bus, we went to the Prater ( the oldest theme park in the world). My sister and I went to the Wiener Riesenrad the symbol of Wien.
The last day we did the last shopping and we went to take the plane to came back home.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014


I have problems to remember every day that what we did every day, so I'm going to explain more things that we did in there four days un London. 
On day we went to visited the coven garden market where we had free time to visited and for did shopping. After,  we went to the Camden town market where we visited and we had lunch. In the afternoon we had free time in the center of London and at night we went to saw a musical call Once it was a great experience to saw a musical in the big city of Britian where only the bests musicals can do their there. It was a musical very familiar where the same actors did the music band.
The last day, we had free time and after we took the plan in a small airport. 
It was the best trip that I ever did with our high school, because the last year we went to Mallorca and I didn't like the island. I had a great time there with a big persons. 

Wednesday, 16 April 2014


The next day, we woke up at 8:30a.m and at 9:00a.m we went to had breakfast in the hotel. After that, we went to Trafalgar square where I met with my friends of my team of volleyball that they were there because they did the trip end of their year in 4th of high school. I was in the squared and suddenly I saw two girls shouting my name and when I tourned around, I saw them. I never thank that we were meeting in the center of London, it was great. 
After that, we went to visited the national gallery where Marta Moreno explained some importants pictures. After that, we went to Piccadilly circus and there we had free time, so we went to Hamleys toy shop where we spent one hour inside, the we went to my favorite shop that is Abercrombie and Fitch. With my friend we decided to didn't buy nothing until the last moment to saved our money. At night, we went to ate in a typical restaurant in London and we went to the hotel. 
The next morning, we went to visited Shakespear's  Globe theater. After, we went to the tower bridge and we had lunch there. In the afternoon, we went to visited two museums: the Natural History Museum and the Science museum. 

To be continued....

Monday, 14 April 2014


Last two weeks ago, I went to London with my classemats and my english teachers of the  high school. 
We started the treap on Thrusday 20, I woke up at 2:30am and I went to Castelló at 3:30am, there I see of to my mum and we took the bus to Barcelona. We were around 19 students and three teachers. More or less, at 6am, we arrived at the airport. Our plane took off at nine o'clock, so we had to waited 2 hours. All of us were very tired, but very nervous, my friends and I played cards for did the time faster. At 8:30am we were to the cheking and we get on to the plane. When we found our seat we set down and the capitan came to talked to all the plan and he told us that we had to wait a half an hour for some problems. Finally we arrived in London and we went to the hostal. Firstly, we went to had dinner in front of the Big Ben and after, we went to visited the big city of London. At night, we went to had dinner and we came back to the hostal early, because all of us were very tired. 

In this photo you can see my
 friends and I in the plane.

We're in front of the big ben 

Saturday, 5 April 2014


In all the countries, the car license is different for all of they. For example, in Spain you can drive a car with 18 years old and in USA with 16. 

I think, driving a car is a big responsability because, if you can stop to think for it you can see that there are a lot of things that we have to take care. For example, if you are a teenager, keen on USA you can drive with 16 years old, when you can go to a party and you can go with your car. In this moment, you have to take a big decision: if you want to drink alcohol or not. If you choose the first option, you can't take the car and if you take the second option, you can drive the car. Well, this is an important asoect to think about. 

In conclusion, from my point of view, the best age to drive a casa is 18. It's the time when you take a lot of responssibilities. You are a big boy or girl and you have to choose what you want to do in your life. And this is the moment when you have a big change and you become an adult

Monday, 31 March 2014


Sunday, 2 March 2014


Every day the science is progressing. The question is the science can be good or bad?

On the one hand, science can create atomics bombs to kill a lot of people and for creating a new war. Morever, if we do more experiments, they could produce a lot of pollution in our society. 

On the other hand,  science can help the progress of humanity creating new medicines for expending our lives. Adding to that, with medicines a lot of people could be saved. 

In conclusion, I think that science experiments have two sides: the part that can help or save a lot of people creating new medicines. And the problematic part, which nobody wants, where the science could kill a lot of innocent people. 


Aple is the first company which to incorporate an application for to attempt to deter thieves
Importants fiscals of USA says that it's a very important ending of the theft of smartphones.  This app is called "Activation Lock". The two fiscals met with the most importants brandies of smartphones in the world. And they tell to the others that they have to create a kill switch (a sistem which kill the system). The first company that develop this sistem is Apple. 

I think that this is a big inovation and develop of the technology. If this application works well can be a very good app. 

Friday, 28 February 2014


It's very difficult to chose a film for me, because I love it and I see a lot. But finally I chose The Last Song of Nicholas Sparks.

This film is a bout a girl, called Ronnie, that she is obligated in the summer to go with her father in a beach house. Her father, Steve is a teacher of the piano and his daughter reject a scholarship of Julliard and she don't want to play the piano for take revenge of his father. The next morning, Ronnie discover that there are eggs of tortoise in front of their house and in the night there are birds which comes to eat it.  Ronnie, when see it, call to the animals service and the next night appears Will (the good guy) who comes to save the eggs of tortoises. In the same night, the two guys sleep next to the animals. During the days, they develop a summer love and in the night they take care of the tortoise. The finally of the film is when the animals are big and when the summer end, but if you want to know   more about the relationship you have to see the film. 

I really like this film because apart that is a typical story of a summer love, I really like the principal actors that they are Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth. 


Kate Perry was accused by Muslims of "portraying blasphemy" in her new single, Dark Horse.  In the video you can see that Katy is an Egyptian queen and she's transforms whose suitors in sand. More than 60.000 muslims, wants that the video must be eliminate because on man that take part of the it  wears a pendant with the Arabic word for God on it. A lot of muslims of around the world says that they are "ofended as a Muslim”. After this complaint, the video has attracted more than 34 millions views. 

In my point of view, Kate Perry have to respect all the religions, but no it's a big problem for eliminate a video that costs a lot of money. 

Wednesday, 26 February 2014


Gap year

I'd like to travel to USA, because I really like this country, but I never travel there. A Gap year is a big oportunity for know USA and work at the same time. I choose to be an Au Pair in a house that I don't know. I think that do this work, you can learn a lot, you can have fun at the same time and the most important thing is that you aren't alone in a big country.

I'm going to be an Au pair consist to go to USA during 12 months for take care, entretain the children of the house where I'm going to live. During this statge I'm going to work 45hours a week that I have care of the children during five days and half and a maximum of 10 hours a day.

I'm going to receive $195.75 a week and I will have two holidays weeks and one weekend of the months free. 


A lot of parents have some things of Apple, a very famous brand of the technology. they give the apparatus to their children and they download apps because it's very easy, and this apps can be of payment. About tens of thousands families paid a lot of money and for this reason, Appel have to paid $32.5m.Also, Apple has to change their billings procedures to make sure to the customers what they ara paying for. 
Before the 31st of March, Apple must change it. 

I think that this notice is a very impressive, because a mother says that her daughter payed $2600 for one app.

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