Friday, 31 May 2013


It was created in may in this year. It's about bands that they sing a cappella in a competition. There are a lot of bands but the film focuses with two bands from the university. One with a girls and the others with a boys. 

The film start when the group of the girls are in the final and one of this girls vomit in the stage. Then they lose and all the girls less two leave to the group. 
Next month, a girl called Becca that she start the university, his father is a teacher in there. The group of the ladies tell him to join in the group and she accept, the rest of the girls of the band not are the typical ladies from this band, but they are differents. Becca know a boy that they work together and they are very friends. He form part in the band of the boys and he is his rival.
The first competitions the girls lose and the boys win. But then the girls make new songs for the competicion. In the final, there are two parts in the competicion: the first called the semifinal and the second called final. In the semifinal the girls lose they don't pass but one of the group that they pass aren't undergraduate and the girls are semifinalists. In the final the girls are amazing and they win the competition. Then Becca kiss his bestfriend. 



Wednesday, 29 May 2013


 Last Friday and Saturday, the students of 4th eso that we had chosen music in the optional subject, we did the musical about Mamma Mia.
It's a history about a girl, called Sophie, that she has to marry with a boy called Sky. She invited in her wedding her father, but there are a problem she don't know who is his dad and she invite three possibels fathers. 
Next month, all the guests arrive in the island. The first girls that they arrive in the hotel are Ali and Lisa (the best friends of Sophie). Then arrive Tania and Rosie (the bests friends and the old girls band of Dona Sheridan, the mum of Sophie). In the afternoon the three "fathers" arrive together in a boat.

When Sophie see the three boys, she hides quickly, because his mum don't know that they are in the island. In the afternoon, Donna discovers and she run away to his bedroom. She arrive and she met with his friends, and she explain the situation with the boys. 
Sophie tell to Sky whats's happening with his dad. 
At night, is the party of Sophie, and Tania, Rosie and Donna sing a old song that they sang when they were young. 
Next morning, Tania is in a beach and Pepper (a young man) that he hook up with Tania. Also, Rosie is fishing with Harry. 
Next day, is the wedding. That starts very good, but in the middle of the wedding Donna stop and say to Sophie that his father is in the island but she doesn't know who is. The daughter say that she invited him, well she invited three boys. Then Sophie tell to Sky that she don't want to marry, she want to go to travel arround the world with him. After, Sam asks for marry with Donna and she accept. 
In the end, Sophie and Sky will travel in the world. 

Photo of Musical of Mamma Mia

Sunday, 5 May 2013


Last tuesday, I took the bus in Castelló d'Empúries with my classmates to go to Mallorca. After two hours in the bus we arrived at the Barcelona dock. Then we took a big boat to stay there during eight hours. After we arrived in Mallorca at six o'clock a.m., we went to the hotel, that was in Ca'n Pastilla. Then we wait for the bedroom and during that time we swam in the pool and visit the neighborhood. At eleven we went to the bedrooms and at 12:30 a.m. we went to have lunch. In the afternoon we went to visit Mallorca city with a guide. After that, we returned to the hotel to have a dinner. We went to a party and then we went to sleep. The second day we had breakfast and we took a bus to go to the Dragon's Caves. Later on, we went to visit one typical towns in this island. We arrived to the hotel at five o'clock and we went to the pool. At night, some people went to a Karaoke and the others stayed in the hotel. Next day, we went to a city to take a boat to go to Formentor (typical town). In that town we went to the beach. After, we returned to the hotel. Also we went to do the last shopping trip. At the night all of us, went to the Karaoke. The last day we returned home, we took the boat at eleven o'clock. And at 22:00 o'clock we arrived in Castelló d'Empúries.