Monday, 8 April 2013


Last Saturday I went shopping in Figueres with my mother and my sister. We wento to Figueres because we needed some clothes for going to Amsterdam . 
On Sunday my parents, my sister and I went to Vic to visit a fair there, we met my cousins, and my uncles. After we went to visit my grandparents in Figueres. 
Three days after I did my homework and I watched TV.
On Thrusday, my family and I woke up at six o'clock and we went to the Barcelona airport. When we arrived, we stayed there three hours because the plan was late, when it arrived , we took it.
We arrived in Amsterdam and we went to the hotel. After, we went to visit the city center. On the next day, we woke up and It was snowing, I was very happy. We went to visit the city, and the Hermitage museum. There were some of the Van Gogh paintings.
On Saturday, we went to visit Ana Frank house, and after, we went shopping. At night we went to the light red district.
On Sunday we went to visit the fishing towns in Holland, and in the afternoon we went to visit  a place of the museums.
On Monday we woke up at seven o'clock and we went to the Schiphol airport to Spain to returned to Spain.