Tuesday, 18 June 2013


I don't think that it is finished. I remember when I was a child and when I started first of eso that I don't know what I am doing in this center. I was very nervous and I was very scared for all that it started. And now I don't believe that we are going to graduate for all this years. In this years I did a lot of friends, classesmats, and I am very happy for these years in general. Also in there I have good moments and but moments, but all of this is great. This year is the best for the eso because in this all the students are more friends because we know.


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Saturday, 8 June 2013


Researchers from USA, have designed a WiFI that he can recognize a movements of the humans. And with this apparatus you can have the control of the house with a simpel movements. Researchers did tests in a office and in a house and the results were a succes. This is very secure, because they desarrolled a system of passwords for nobody take the control of the house. And for end WiSee (the WIFI) don't need camaras. 

In my opinion i think that this is a big advance of the tecnologia and with this result the experts can do all de things that they want to do. 


Tuesday, 4 June 2013


Take me home tour is the second tour from the band One direction. It starts on 23th of february in 2013. The first concert was in London and it is finishing Tokyo. In 22th of may they came to the "Palau Olímpic de Badalona". 
When that day arrived I was very nervous, because I knew that I going to the concert in the afternoon. When the high school finished, Anna and me take the for go to Vilafant, where my uncle wait for us. After, with my uncle we went to collect two friends from my cousin. Then we going to Barcelona for collect my cousin that she was in a excursion. When we were all, we went to the sport center to do the line for enter in the concert. When we arrived there were a lot of the girls that they shouted a lot. When the doors were opened we started to enter and we went to our chairs. We were very nervous, that was very exciting. The concert started at eight p.m. all the people shouted. There was very amazing and thrilling. When te concert finished we returned to our houses very later. 

This is one of my favourite part in the concert. The singers danced the Macarena song.  

Sunday, 2 June 2013


X games barcelona was a mundial event from motorbikes, bikes, rally cars, and skates. Every year this games are do in differents countries in the world. I went there on Sunday 19 of may. In there, we entered in the "Palau st.Jordi" and we went to our chair. Firts, we saw moto x best whip final, that  consist in do the move to one side of the motor bike, it was incredible. After we saw the final of step up of motor bike, that they have to jump with a motorbike for over nine meters in a horitzontal position. And the last that I saw was the bmx big air, that consist in jump in a ramp with a bike. 

That was a exepcional experience and I want to repeat, because there yo can see incredibles jumps that you didn't saw never.