Tuesday, 29 January 2013


I don't see horror films, because I don't like them. I'm very scared and for this reason I don't see.
One day, with my sister and her friend, we saw "The Orphanage".

                                                             The Orphanage

The story was created for Juan Antonia Bayona and the writer was Sergio Guitérrez Sánchez, in 2007.

The movie is a woman that she returns in the orphanage where she lived when she was a girl, with her family and they restore the house for do an orphanage.

The day of the inauguration her son is lost, and they go to search, but they don't find him. The lady remembers her past and she feel a lot of sounds in the house.
She begins to investigate and she find a lot of things from her past. After six months she follow looks for her son and he have a illness. Her son is close in the basement and he dead.
The mum remembers that she closed the door in the basement and the sounds that she listened was shouts of her son.
In the end the woman remains in the orphanage and her husband go home.

Monday, 14 January 2013


In July I went to Dublin with a friend called Anna. At the aeroport we met other students and the group leader, the person who was responsible of us. Then we flew to Dublin.
Once we arrived there we went to the school to meet our families. Then I went to the house and I had dinner with the family and two German students. 
The next day I got up at eight o'clock and I had breakfast. After that I walked to the school with my partners. At school I saw the other students again. It was Saturday and we went to visit the Guiness Storehouse. 
On Sunday I went to the city center with my group of Catalans people. I enjoyed it a lot.
The lessons started on Monday and I had classes every day from two to six. In the mornings we did activities with the others groups.
I was there fourteen days and during this time I visited Belfast, Glendalough, and other tipical villages.
I knew a lot of people from Italy and Catalonia so the last day was sad and we all cried. 
In my opinion it was a very good experience I would like to repeat.


First resolution is that I pass the 4th of Eso. 

My second resolution is that I weigh  5 kilos less.

And the last resolution is doing sport four times a week.