Tuesday, 30 December 2014


On 26th of December, after past the christmas day with the family, we had dinner another time with the family. In my family we had dinner in my grandparent's house and after we go to the bingo in Llers. But this year we did it different, firstlly we went to had dinner in my grandparents house, and after I participated to do the bingo of Sant Pere Pecadors, because organized the volleyball club to fundraising. 
It was a different and especial day, in the bingo I was the waiter like my other teammate. After that we went all together to had dinner in a bar from Sant Pere. 

Monday, 29 December 2014


In Catalonia, we have a tradition that we break the "tió" at night on 24th of December. In a lot of Coutries, the Christmas day there is Santa Claus, but  here in Catalonia we have a tradition that we breack the "tió. When we do it, we sing a song hitting a trunk with a stick. After that, we went to the kitchen to sing a song or to pray.  And finally, we go to see if the "tió" shit the presents and we did it many times and when the "tió" don't shit more, it's the finally. This night is very beatiful to past with the family and the people that we love. So, my family and I we did it in my uncle's house. 

Saturday, 27 December 2014


Scenario: Two women, a mum and a daughter in their house.
The mum's name is Kate.
The daughter's name is Charlotte.

Charlotte: Hey mum, I have to tell you something important for me.
Kate: What? Are you pregnant?
Charlotte: Oh, no! Are you kidding me?
Kate: Am I?
Charlotte: Okey mum stop, listen, I am not pregnant, but I want to do a stomach reduction.
Kate: Why? You are perfect, and your body, too. Don't give much importance to your belly.
Charlotte: Mum, you are always saying the same, and it'snot true.
Kate: Yes, it's true because I mean it.
Charlotte: This is your opinion, but young boys don't think the same. They never look at me, they prefer the other girls, like the cover girls
Kate: Tomorrow, we are going to the phsychologist.
Charlotte: Mum please, I don't have a complex. It's a simple operation.
Kate: Shut up! you are perfect and you aren't going through the operation room. Darling your beauty inside is the most important thing, you have to be who you are and you don't have to listen to the boys opinion.
Charlotte: Well, yes mum I guess, you are right. The boys are idiot. Sorry, forget about it.


Tuesday, 23 December 2014


The hard selling: is an aggressive techniques of selling products using advertising. 

The soft sell: is an advertisement or campaign that uses a more casual, or friendly sales message.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014


I choose"You and I" from One Direction, becasue I like this group. Also, I tried this song because I love it, for the reason that they talk about a relationship to fight for it , and to survive this relationship togheter to the end. 

you and i / tu i jo
we don't wanna be like them /no volem ser com ells
we can make it til the end / ho podem fer fins el final
nothing can come between / res es pot posar entre
you and i / tu i jo
not even the gods above / ni tan sols els Déus que estan a dalt
can separate the two of us / ens poden separar 
no, nothing can come between / no, res no es pot posar entre
you and i / tu i jo 
oh, you and i / oh, tu i jo

  • figured it out: donar-se conta 
  • hide: ocultar
  • hold: apretats
  • tight: ajustat
  • sudden: ràpid