Thursday, 28 February 2013


El Barco is a series from Antena 3, which I choose because I like it. It was created by Álex Pina and Iván Escobar, and it  started on television on 17th  January 2011 and it  finished on 21st February  2013. It lasted three seasons with 43 chapters of 75-90 minutes each one. 

The series is about a boat called "Estrella Polar". In the first chapter we could saw when the family of the capitan, and the young people embarked in it.
The capitan's family is compost by the capitan called Ricardo, his daughters one from ten years old called Valeria and the other from twenty yeras old called Ahinoa. Also there is Julián de la Cuadra, who's the uncle of the girls. He has a son called Ulises, who fell in love with Ahinoa. Another important personaje is Salomé who's the chef of the boat, and she has a brother called Roberto Palacions but his nickname is Burbuja. He has a disability. He created a project called Alejandria, which is about the end of the world. In it, there are five boats that escaped from the  world disaster. One of this boats is Estrella Polar in which the crew members spend many adventures on it. 

In the last season Estrella find a building in the middle of the sea on Singapur, and here the capitan has a wedding with the medical of the board called Júlia. Then the board goes to the land (because one of the person who survive in the building has the coordinates of it). They go to there without Ulises. When they arrived, some people  take own and the others returns to the hotel to search the other ones. In the land happened
many things, and the most important one is that they discover that they aren't alone. 

At the end of the season we can see all the people living in the land


Friday, 1 February 2013


I choose this television serie because is my favourite. 
It's a catalan serie created in 2011 for Albert Espinosa an directed for Pau Freixas. 
It's about a group of boys and a girl that they live in a hospital for a some reasons, they who called "Polseres Vermelles". The members are:
The leading of this group is call Lleó (Àlex Monner), he has 15 years, he had a disase and for this reason he had closed two years in the hospital. He hasn't got two legs, but he has one of them. 
The second leading is Jordi (Igor Szpakowski) he's 14 yesars old, he came to the hospital because he had cancer, he missing a leg and he was the roommate of Lleó.
The girl is Cristina (Joana Vilapuig) and she had anorexia.
The other member is the handsome, he's Ignasi (Mikel Iglesias), he had a illness and he died in an operation. 
The ready is call Toni (Marc Balaguer), he's the big boy if the group, he have a illness and he's a little weird.
The last member of the group is Roc (Nil Cardoner), he's the child, he was in coma and in the end of the first season he woke up. 
In the end of the first season the group is divide. 

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