Tuesday, 17 March 2015


1. What are human rights? The rights you have simply because you're human

2. When and why were they created? In 1948, because after the war they saw the horror caused and they decided to created the human rights because it doesn't happen again.

3. How many human rights are there? There are 30 human rights.

4. Which human right were you not familiar with? The right to play, asylum, rest and relaxation.


Slavery: slavery began in the New World in the 16th century.

Unfair: It's unfair, we are all equal.

Detainment: The policeman did the detainment of the thief.

Trial: They are on trial for armed robbery.

I chose the human right of education because I think that it's an important one from my point of view. This is respected in Spain, but it's violated in Africa, where a lot of children didn't go to the school.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015


I did an oral presentation about my reserch project did it in the first term of bachilor. It was about taxes and I choose this topic because I thing that it is a current topic in the society.

Presentation: I use a prezi to have support in the presentation and for be more interesting, because I know that this topic is not very interesting. Mark: 9
Body language and eye contact: sometimes I whatch to the paper, because I was very nervous. Mark: 6
Structure: I think that I organizated all the information well and I think that I explain all well. Mark: 8
Language: this is a topic with a lot of technicals words, so it was hard to pronouced well. But, I tried. Mark: 7
Presentation & intonation: I have problems with the pronunciation because there were a lot of technical words. Mark:7

The final mark of my reserch project for my point of view is a 7,4.

Sunday, 8 March 2015


Shazam, an aplication that consist to identificate a music, now his creator wants to branch out into identifying objects.
The blue button will remain on the home screem but will be able to do much more. 
One possibility about how it works will be that this service would work based on bar codes. 
It now sells songs that it users identify, having secured deals with all the major streaming music services including Spotify and Deezer. 
Lately it has also become a port of call for advertisers. 

In my point of view, I think that this app is very useful and now if they want to include this new branch it can be more useful to know about the objects. 



There are golds iPads in every room, 17 types of pillow and an army of butlers trained by whatching Downtow Abbey.
In this hotel it goes a lot of celebritys like Rogere Federer, Claudia Schiffer and mor of 11,000 Britons a year.

There are 200 chefs and a 70- strong arrivals team: men and women chosen for their good looks. Anyone applying for the job as a consergie must undergo a luxury test. 
Each of the 200 luxuriosoly appointed suites has its own butler. 
No demand is too taxing. One gust turned up with a dead allidator and asked the staff to cook it dor him and they did it. 
Another gest asked for some special touches in his suite as he was planning to propose to his girlfriend. So, the personal import form Colombia and Kenya 5.000 rose petals where it were strewen over the bedroom. 

I think that it have to be a very experience to be in this hotel from Dubai. This hotel is very luxurios and I would like to go in the future, but I have to work a lot for to be there. So, I think that I have to renunced because it's very very expensive. 


Saturday, 7 March 2015


Apple is holding an event in California to announce more details about the Apple Watch. There are a lot of anticipation surrouding the Apple Watch. It tells the time and acts as a second screen and remot control for other Apple products. 
There is a list that the CNN's know about it: 
  • It will be availabe in three models.
  • The whatches are made from stainless steel, anodized aluminium and 18-karat gold. 
  • There are only two buttons on the watch. 
  • It will be in two sides. 
  • The Apple Watch needs an Iphone to connect to the Internet. 
  • It will costs $349.
  • Each Apple Watch will be able in two colors. 
  • There are six types of wristbands.
In my point of view I think that this Watch could be a very util, because it notify yours notifications of the iPhone. 

Friday, 6 March 2015


I play in a team of volleyball in my town and We are in the cathegory of "juvenil". 
In this season we have new players that they were from the club of volleyball from Castelló. Also, we have a new coach called Miquel. 
Now we passed the first phase and we are in the promotion phase to go up to the second cathegory. 
In my point of view, I think that we can go up but we are going to fight a lot because there are a lot of good teams like the Barça. The fourt firts teams are going to go up, so we have to do it! 

Wednesday, 4 March 2015


Weeks ago all the second of bachilor did a skype with an exstudent form Ies Castelló. Shs decided to do a Gap year in Austraila. In the conference Noa talks about his experience in Australia and about to take the decision to do a gap year. 
We asked questions about his travel and his experience there. Also, we asked why she did it, and the diferences of culutues. 
Now, she still in Australia takeing care about childrens, she lives in a family where as I said she take care abou the guys. 
She decided to do a gap year, because she wants to improve her english. Also, she do it to take experience and for clarify his ideas.

I think that it's a good idea to do a gap year because you learn the idiom, you grow up, you know diference cultures and other things. I would like to do a gap year, but if I do it I think that I will do an Erasmus during the degree, I would like to go to New York.

Sunday, 1 March 2015


A debate between family and friends about the colour of a dress for a wedding has become an interent sensation. 
Why are people seeing different colours?
One explenation is that it could be down to an optical illusion, stemming from how the human brain process colours. A teacher from the university of Leeds, says that the people don't know is that even if the rest of us aren't colour blind we don't always see colours in the same way.
He tells that the confusion could stem from how we name de colours, as there are often blurred lines between how we interpret what colour is. But, he said that this is an extrem case, because there are a diference between black and gold, blue and black. 

For me the colour of this dress is black and blue, but my frienda and my family see it in white and gold. I think that this debate has much to talk, and it was a trending topic in all the social networks.

In this photo we can see the original dress, that is blue and black.