Thursday, 22 May 2014


In easter, my parents, my sister and I traveled to Wien. The first day, we arrived in the big city and we went immediately at the hotel. When we were installed, we went to had lunch and we started to visited the capital of Austria.  Aproximatly at seven o'clock we decided to had a typical breakfast, a sacher in the original place where it was invented. At night, we were tired so, we went to had dinner and we went to sleep.
The second day, we woke up at nine o'clock and we went to saw Schönbrunn were the princess Sissi lives during her stages in Wien. We visited the palace and the big gardens with a maze, a zoo, etc. For lunch we ate there, where they did a typical market of food. In the afternoon, we went to saw the national library, the big museums, and the big city hall. We had dinner in a typical restaurant where we ate the typical food.
The next day, we went to had breakfast at the Donauzentrum which is a big mall and we enjoyed doing some shopping. After that, we went to the city center to took the buses of tours where we did a big city tour of all the city. When we get off the bus, we went to the Prater ( the oldest theme park in the world). My sister and I went to the Wiener Riesenrad the symbol of Wien.
The last day we did the last shopping and we went to take the plane to came back home.