Friday, 28 February 2014


It's very difficult to chose a film for me, because I love it and I see a lot. But finally I chose The Last Song of Nicholas Sparks.

This film is a bout a girl, called Ronnie, that she is obligated in the summer to go with her father in a beach house. Her father, Steve is a teacher of the piano and his daughter reject a scholarship of Julliard and she don't want to play the piano for take revenge of his father. The next morning, Ronnie discover that there are eggs of tortoise in front of their house and in the night there are birds which comes to eat it.  Ronnie, when see it, call to the animals service and the next night appears Will (the good guy) who comes to save the eggs of tortoises. In the same night, the two guys sleep next to the animals. During the days, they develop a summer love and in the night they take care of the tortoise. The finally of the film is when the animals are big and when the summer end, but if you want to know   more about the relationship you have to see the film. 

I really like this film because apart that is a typical story of a summer love, I really like the principal actors that they are Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth. 


Kate Perry was accused by Muslims of "portraying blasphemy" in her new single, Dark Horse.  In the video you can see that Katy is an Egyptian queen and she's transforms whose suitors in sand. More than 60.000 muslims, wants that the video must be eliminate because on man that take part of the it  wears a pendant with the Arabic word for God on it. A lot of muslims of around the world says that they are "ofended as a Muslim”. After this complaint, the video has attracted more than 34 millions views. 

In my point of view, Kate Perry have to respect all the religions, but no it's a big problem for eliminate a video that costs a lot of money. 

Wednesday, 26 February 2014


Gap year

I'd like to travel to USA, because I really like this country, but I never travel there. A Gap year is a big oportunity for know USA and work at the same time. I choose to be an Au Pair in a house that I don't know. I think that do this work, you can learn a lot, you can have fun at the same time and the most important thing is that you aren't alone in a big country.

I'm going to be an Au pair consist to go to USA during 12 months for take care, entretain the children of the house where I'm going to live. During this statge I'm going to work 45hours a week that I have care of the children during five days and half and a maximum of 10 hours a day.

I'm going to receive $195.75 a week and I will have two holidays weeks and one weekend of the months free. 


A lot of parents have some things of Apple, a very famous brand of the technology. they give the apparatus to their children and they download apps because it's very easy, and this apps can be of payment. About tens of thousands families paid a lot of money and for this reason, Appel have to paid $32.5m.Also, Apple has to change their billings procedures to make sure to the customers what they ara paying for. 
Before the 31st of March, Apple must change it. 

I think that this notice is a very impressive, because a mother says that her daughter payed $2600 for one app.

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Monday, 24 February 2014


Last Saturday, I went to the theater Jardí of Figueres with my friends to see a play called Barcelona. 
It’s about Elena and Nuria two friends that they were separated for the love of a boy. After four years, Nuria retourns to Barcelona to celebrate the 18th birthday of Marti (the son of Elena). In this story you can see all this day where the city of Barcelona bombard for the war. In the end of the Barcelona, all the family goes to Paris with Nuria, because in the city of Barcelona, there were a lot of bombs. 

We were to saw this play, because there were an actor that we love who's called Carlos Cuevas. 
In this photo you can see my friends and 
I with our favorite actor, Carlos Cuevas


Last week, Mireia, Carla and me, we did a oral presentation in front of our class about Australia.


PRESENTATION (10%): We use a prezi to did our presentation more funny and for help us with some keywords. All the presentation was focused of what to visit in Australia and in the finally we putted a video for see more things about it. Our presentation, lastet more or lees 15 minutes talking all of us 5 minutes.   MARK: 10%

BODY LANGUAGE & EYE CONTACT (10%):  I think that I looked at my classmates and to the prezi. But sometimes I looked to my notes for saw the things that I couldn't remember.  MARK: 8%

STRUCTURE (10%): I think that we organise our presentation well, we started explaining who we're and an introduction that we had to know about our topic. After we said some thing difference in Spain than Australia and finally, we explained what to do in Australia.  MARK: 10%

CONTENT (40%); In my point of view, I think that we introduce some amasing things that we didn't know before the presentation. And we explained all the parts clears.  MARK: 30%

LANGUAGE (20%): I think that we use a rich vocabulary, fillers and sentence linkers. MARK: 15%

PRONUNCIATION & INTONATION (10%): I knew how to pronounce all the worlds, but with the pressure I forget some of they. Also, I talk very fast and I think that nobody understand me. MARK: 6%

I think that we did a quite good presentation but, I have to improve a lot for do a very good presentation
I think that my mark is:  8'3

Our presentation: 

Our prezi: 

Tuesday, 18 February 2014


Last weekend, I played a very important match of volleyball with my team versus my friends of the club of Castelló. 
On Saturday in the morning, at 10:30 a.m there was another match of the children rank of CVSPP that it finished late. In this time I was very nervous. We started to train with some exercises for do the match better. At 11:30a.m the match started and we won the first part with a big difference of points (25-15). After in the second, we won again with a similar difference of points (25-16). And the last part, it was the more exicting part of all the match we won with a small difference (25-21). 

It was very exciting to play this match, because we played with our friends, and because we won three points for the classification.  

In this photo we were very happy to win the match!

Tuesday, 4 February 2014


I'm going to describe my best friend, called Carla. She was born in 20th of october 1997. Now, she's 16th years old and she's from a small village near Figueres, called Vila-Sacra. Carla is studing first of bachelor of economics in IES Castelló d'Empúries. She plays football in a girls team in Cabanas, and she's hooked on the programme of MYHYV.

Carla is small and she's still slim with a good figure. She has a long, brown and neater hair. Her face is smallish, she's pale-skinned and she has brown freckles. Carla has brown eyes and thin eyebrows. Normally, she wears pullovers and hoodies with a pair of jeans or leggins. She's not very keen on wearing dresses and skirts. 

Carla is honest, hard working and generous with the people that she knows. Usually, she's cheerful and responsible. Carla is shy, but when you trust with Carla, she's very crazy and she has sense of humor. She has strong-willed. 

In my point of view, she's a big person and when I'm with Carla, I enjoy all the time. When the people say: the appearance can be deceptive, in Carla is the best example. Because, when you can see her the first time you can say: she's very shy, patience and quiet. But when you know her, you can see that she's very different, she's very crazy and funny. Carla is a very special best friend. 

In this photo you can see Carla and me in the swimming pool.