Sunday, 30 November 2014


Carla and I did a oral prsesntation about the anorexia because we thing that it is a current topic in the sociatey, especially in young girls. 
Presentation: We use a prezi to have a support in our presentation and for be more interesting. Mark: 9 
Body lenguage and eye contacte: sometimes, I looked in a paper because I was a nerveous, but also I saw to my classmates. Mark: 8
Structure: I think that we organizated well our information and I think that we explained well all the section. Mark: 9,5
Content: I think that we explained all well, as I said before, and we learned a lot about this illness and words. Mark: 9
Language: this is a topic with a lot of technique words and it was difficult to pronouced. Mark: 8,5
Presentation & intonation: For the reason that I say before, I have some problems to pronouced the specific words. Mark: 8,5

Saturday, 29 November 2014


23900DDF00000578-2853540-image-52_1417209329287.jpgLast Friday was the Black Friday, and it was a disorder in all the shops from US. The bargain hunters were accused to be like animals, because they fight to buy the products. The police was called  in to deal with mayhem and injuries in the shops. Also, there were three arrests. 
Sir Peter Fahy, from de police said that they were very dissappointed because the stores did not have sufficient security stuff in the shops.
There were a record number of hoppers  this days and they estimation there are going to be 518milion of euros.
The angry scense were in all the country and they cause to closed a lot of stores.

In my point of view, this have to be a big experience to live in London, but there were a lot of accident and it can be a bit dangerous. All the people very agressive because they want to buy a lot of things because there are a lot of sales. 


Last Friday was the premier of mockingjay, the third part of the hunger's game. I went to the cinema with my friends. First, we went to had dinner in a restaurant and then we went to saw the big film. 

The film elapse after the hunger's games were Katniss is in the district 13, where they live in the subsoil because the capitol extinction their district. In the place that they are, they are preparating to fight against to the Capitol. They need a person who have to encourage the others districts to fight and this symbol is Katniss. She accept but with a condicions, that they, first of all, have to rescue Peeta and the others guys that they were in the games. The problem is that Peeta was kidnap with the objective to kill Katniss. An other condicion is that she want to kill the president Snow.


The social media have changed our life for good and for bad. The social media brings the people together and facilates the social and busniess relationships. For use the socials media we have to have common sense and good judgment, without it, you can inadvertently  harm yourself and you could have social, financial and legal problems. The following is a list of 10 things that you have to take care before you post a video: 

  1. The things you say may have legal consequences: if you utter demaging untruths about a person, in Facebook or other social media, you may be liable for defamation.
  2. Get permission before using picture, articles, videos or content someone else produced: if you don't have permission you could may have copyright infringement. 
  3. Do not say or write anything on a social media site you do not want reoeated: be careful about what you say, because it can produce bad consequences. 
  4. Be careful about the pictures you post: because it can destroy your life.
  5. Don not use trademarks or copyrighted material without permission. 
  6. Watch out for spammers: because they could steal your identity. 
  7. Refrain from giving TMI: you can not say all that you do because they could steal in you house when you are in holidays, if you put it in the social media. 
  8. Assume what you say never goes away: you have to remember that what you say in this medias is going to be forever there.
  9.  Police constantly catch criminals by reading their Facebook pages.
  10. Assume people Google you and look at social media posts about you.
I think that the social media have very importance in our life because we are connected all day. But we have to take care about what we publish in it, in consequence of that it can produce bad things in the future. 

Wednesday, 26 November 2014


The family of Julia and Jason Heckathron have an unique domestic animal a sloth. Their daughter have live with this special animal since she was born. Also the family have a kangaroo, an anteater, a cat and serval sugar gliders that they adopted when the parents know that they were expectingthe baby. 
Julia thanks that it would be grate for them to grow up with the sloth. 

I think that it's a crazy thing to have these animals in their house with a baby, because they have to take care to their daughter and the animals and they have to spend a lot of time of it. 

Saturday, 22 November 2014


Last night, in London were an explosion in an important hotel. 
About 500 guests were evacuated from the Churchill Hyatt Regency hotel in Marylebon. Fourteen of those including tweleve workers were injured.The explosion in the basement causing part of the bulding to collapse

Investigations are now under way into what the explosion at the nine.storey building. 

London fire brigade belives that the blast could have benn caused by a gas leak

All the guests were evacuated to nearby hotels. 

In my point of view, I think that the fire mans they did a good job, because fortunately there were only 14 wounded of 500 guests. 

Wednesday, 12 November 2014


Do you laught a lot? With who do you laugh? How often do you laugh? Humor is an important way to be happier in our life.

Nowadays, we are a society where we have a lot of stress and we are very strict in the jobs, so we have very strict orders from our boss. We need humor to distract us and for beeing more grateful and friendly with the people around us.
Also, humor can be a way to do the things better than when you are without humor. If you are happier you can better enjoy life and you can be good with yourself.

In conclusion, humor is essential in our life because it can help us o survive better and to be more grateful. 

Thursday, 6 November 2014