Thursday, 16 January 2014


Two weeks ago was the big day of the all the years, the 31st of december. It was the last day of 2013 and at the midinight started the first day of the new year: 2014! 
The last day of the year, I did a dinner in my house with my friends, we ate   pizza, chips…. For dessert, rut did a chocolate cake and David brought lionesses. A quarter before the midnight we prepared the grapes for the bells, when that started all together ate the twelve grapes watching the TV. In the new year, David did a speech for all of us and we did a toast. After, we went to the party in Sant Pere.
We had a great time and we had fun for celebrate this new year all together. 

My friends and I in my house. 

Tuesday, 7 January 2014


The next morning, my parents, my sister and I, went to breakfast in a typic bar. After, we met with my uncles in "Plaza de la Cibeles". There, we saw that and we went to "Puerta de Alcalà" and after that, we walked to the Retiro Park to visited it. After, we went to lunch all together. In the afternoon, we went to saw the Fernando Alonso Collection. After, we went to saw the Santiago Bernabau Stadium. In the evening we went to the hotel to rested for the night. Hours later, we went to dinner and we walked in the center. 
Next Morining, my sister and I, went to Gran Via for did some shopping and there, we found Mario Vaquerizo ( a spanish celebrity). In the afternoon we went to did more shopping and in the evening we went to ate the typical food: a sandwich of squids. 
The last day we took the car and we returned home. 

This was our trip for the Christmas holidays, where we had fun all together. 

I'm in the Fernando Alonso Collection

Saturday, 4 January 2014


In the last December, my dad decided to did something different the day after Christmas. So, we decided to went to Madrid some days.

On 26th December, we took the car at seven o'clock and we went to the big city of Spain. We arrived there approximately at one o'clock and first, we went to install our things. After that, we went to have lunch and we walked to the Royal Palace for met with my uncles and my cousin. When we were together we walked to the Sant Miguel Market a typical place where the people eat tapas. Then, we went to visited the typical places that some of it are "Puerta del Sol" and "Plaza Mayor". In the evening my family and I went to search a typical restaurant to dinner. We were very tired, so we decided to went to the hotel. 

To be continued...

I'm with my parents in front of the Royal Palace 

In this photo you can see the Sant Miguel Market.

In this photo you can see the Christmas tree of "la Lotería de Navidad" in the square of "la puerta del Sol".

Thursday, 2 January 2014


In these days of Christmas we spend all time with the family and the people that matter for us. 
In a lot of countries, in the Christmas day there is Santa Claus that he distribute presents for all the families in the world. But, here in Catalonia there isn't any Santa Claus, we have "el tió” that consist in hit the trunk with a stick singing a song about it. When the song finish, all the children go to the kitchen or another room apart of the place where is the “tió” and they sing the song or they pray. After the trunk shit the presents, the children, run for lift the blanket and open the presents. And this things are made many times that the “tió” shit.
The “caga tió” is doing at night on 24th of december.  In my family, we go to my uncles house. First, we do the dinner, after, we shit the “tió” and when this finish, we have the dinner. 

I think that this is a special day where we spend a nice time with our family. 

Days before, the children give food to the "Tió"