Tuesday, 12 May 2015


Since the first composition to the last one there are a lot of differences on my English progress. I used to wrote more easy and simple as you can see on my first composition, (an e-mail to a teacher where I explained my life). The last one was a formal letter for a President complain about the child explotion in their country and we can observe the progress on the contain. 
On the linguistic arguments, I can see that at the begining of the course the structure was very simply and now is more formal and worked. The vocabulary used in the first post was more basic and in the last one has been more specific. 
To conclude, I can say that I did a big develop from the first course of "Batxillerat" to the final of second, so I have improved my maturity in the written documents. 

About my oral presentation, I can say that I have improved a lot my English since the first presentation, that was about weddings, to the last one, about my research project: my reserch project: did really know what we pay?. I can observe a lot of differences, specialy on the way to did it: I did the first one with my friends and the last one alone, so it has been a big step for me. Also, I can see that the topic was very different. The first was more objective and the last more subjective, because I explain what I did in my reserch project. 
On the linguistic arguments, I can see that my pronunciation has improve a lot. More over, my language is better than in the past,  I have more fluency to speak in public and I have improved with the eye contact.

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